What is CZLang.NET?

CZLang.NET is project of GPL Any_language->Czech_language translator/dictionary (and maybe viceversa)running on .NET framework (or any port of Microsoft .NET framework). It's using database of words based on project GNU/FDL English-Czech dictionary ( - only in czech language at this moment, (C) 2001, 2002 Milan Svoboda), which is based on people translations of english words to czech language, not only copying any of existing paper/electronic vocabulary, so the database of words in this project is under FDL licence too.

Features of CZLang.NET

CZLang.NET has a two (maybe three) parts:

Technical specification

CZLang.NET is developed in full OO language C# with using XML datafile or general ODBC driver for databases with SQL language.

If I get some .NET hosting, it should serve the webservices, so anybody can use the database of this project, of course under FDL licence.


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